Why Has Vevo.com Disappeared?

What Happened To Vevo?!

The short answer; Nothing much!

Vevo is fine, and in fact is doing quite well since reporting for the first time that revenues were up and it had finally broken even, with Vevo’s profits up to $650 Million for 2017.

Yes Vevo decided to close its consumer website and apps in mid-2018 partly to re-jig its overall strategy, however all content remains on the YouTube platform, and several existing and up-coming partnerships will maintain and increase Vevo’s strength and dominant position atop the popular music world moving forward.

Hang on a sec; What’s the most important thing I should do right now as a Vevo video owner?

You should get your Vevo playlists organised and ensure they are transferred to your YouTubeVEVO channel as soon as you can – that’s all. Everything is business as usual and you won’t notice any changes, nor will the circulation or potential of your video be altered in any way by the changes.

Do I still need to buy Vevo views?

Yes indeed. If you purchase a standard YouTube viewership campaign the same high standards will not apply.

Your YouTubeVEVO video still has the same very high retention, location and engagement requirements over and above standard YouTube videos – nothing has changed in that regard.

Vevo still maintains the higher algorithmic and performance standards that has made it the successful fan-focused platform that it is today, thus a much higher level of investment is required on our part to execute a proper campaign.

Ok but why did by Vevo video disappear?!

The short answer; It hasn’t!

The Vevo.com version of your video was always “umbilical” to the Vevo-on-YouTube version of your video, and now you are running with just that primary YouTubeVEVO version alone, instead of having two primary versions you now have the one ‘master destination’ which, believe us, is a very good thing.

You may have noticed in the past that the views generated on your Vevo-on-YouTube version always propagated to the Vevo.com version a day or two later, but not the other way round.

Well, now you just have that YouTubeVEVO video where your views accumulate, and where almost all your traffic comes from anyway.

Essentially, the Vevo.com platform was just not performing as well as the gigantic YouTube hoard, so it was important to “put a bullet in the horse” to put it brutally.

We have no doubt that the visual and auditory quality of the YouTube music experience will eventually improve to a level that will satisfy everyone.

So is my YouTubeVEVo version still a “Vevo video”?

The short answer; Yes. It is still a “Vevo video”.

You still have a Vevo video, and that Vevo video that you see on YouTube still has the same high quality requirements (retention, location, engagement etc) as always, so you need to make sure that you don’t just use any old cowboy video promotion service for your Vevo video.

So what is “Vevo” and what has happened to the company/brand??

Okay, one question at a time…

1. What is “Vevo”?

Vevo is a bit like Hulu you could say, but for music videos.

Vevo is a content collation and propagation platform of music videos with several sources and partnerships aimed at introducing, story-telling and popularising up-coming and existing artists throughout the popular culture ecosystem.

Vevo overtook MySpace a decade ago as the most watched music video destination in the USA, has gone from strength to strength since then, and has succeeded in that it is now a formidable advertising revenue generator.

However there is no sense trying to compete in any way with YouTube, as that gigantic horse has already bolted, likely never to be caught by any other video platform.

What has happened to the company/brand??

Essentially the Vevo brand has taken a small step backwards in terms of image/perception by closing its consumer-facing website and apps, however it stands to benefit from multiple steps forward in the coming years as its model replaces superfluous browser jostling with app-centric intellignce, as well as overall pragmatism and versatility.

The Vevo brand and its strivings have not disappeared or died any kind of death – far from it.

Think about the way in which your Vevo views used to all accumulate onto the count of your Vevo.com video. Well, that will now happen at the location of your YouTubeVEVO video, with all feed-in sources, apps, sites, affiliated platforms etc directing traffic there.

This recent ‘jink’ of sorts was the ‘pruning of the tree that had to happen’.

Vevo and its videos, and indeed the power of its owners Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Abu Dhabi Media and Alphabet Inc. will only consolidate, increase and thrive amidst the digital revenue streams to come. Worry not, dear artists.

Hope this helps!

The Video Views Team

11 thoughts on “Why Has Vevo.com Disappeared?

    • Hi,

      Our largest high-engagement social media networks are in English (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Jamaican Creole etc), Spanish (EU, Latam), German and Japanese, but of course we can create exposure in almost all languages/cultures and sub-cultures – just ask us first by email if you would like to check before ordering.

      Hope this helps!

  1. All i wanna know is what does it take to get decent quality video. youtube is semi-pixelated shite so often it’s beyond irritating!

  2. Hi, can you guarantee my VEVO video won’t get shadow banned/taken down for using your video services? Do you have any testimonials? Thanks

    • Hi,

      You can reach out to us anytime at support@videoviews.international for a faster response.

      Indeed there are some testimonials that you will see on our website when browsing through the Shop, however most people keep things to themselves to gain the most advantage, we believe. In any case you will also find some strong favour for us on the internet in various forums etc. We have never had an issue with a video or channel as a result of our services. You will notice that Vevo campaign packages are more expensive than the campaigns for standard YouTube videos – this is due to the requirements (watch time, location, engagement etc) being higher for YouTube/VEVO videos.

      We do have a Free Trial that you can request via email at any time – it’s only around 1k views but will give you an idea of the quality of our work.

      Hope this helps!

      The Video Views Team

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