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About us? Well, we love social media and helping others, so you can buy safe YouTube views and know it will work!


We generate real, quality views PLUS engagement, so audience reach is maximised. Simple.

We have been responsible for some of the most popular viral hits on YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo,
and Twitter. Countless artists, labels and public figures have attained success because of our social media exposure.

UPDATE:You can now buy Twitter views as of 2022! We now have sizeable hoards of viewers in the Twitterverse so get more views on Twitter today!

Also don’t forget to check out our newest and fastest-growing division if you’d like to buy TikTok views!

Quality real video views bring organic views

buy safe youtube views

We are experts in high-retention video views

V.V.i is the world’s leading viral agency because we specialise in high quality, relevant exposure.

Real video views with likes and relevant engagement included is by far the best way to go.

We own large, focused viewer communities

Caleb break time

Quality paid boosting “kick-starts” videos well

You need some forced exposure to drive awareness and “virality” of a video.

For the last 100 years radio and TV programs have done just that, and nowadays it’s no different.

Consider Mozart’s music. It would not be a success if never performed for audiences and was locked away in a dusty drawer! With only his family and friends aware of his music, Mozart may have been happy but wouldn’t have had many followers!

You need to ‘force advertise’ your content to build awareness, just like TV and radio.

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Broadcast Yourself – FURTHER!

Even the best videos on YouTube need at least some assistance in the beginning to go viral.

Buy safe YouTube views to get your video going!

buy safe youtube views

Research has proven that videos with thousands of views attract up to 5 times more visitors than videos with hundreds of views. When people see views on a video, they want to watch that video.

Viewed videos will rank higher in YouTube search results than similar videos that are not getting views.

Our knowledge and experience can assist with YouTube video optimisation.

To maximise organic performance you should follow some simple rules about Title, Description, Tags and Presentation.

See our YouTube video optimisation tips here.

Buy Safe YouTube Subscribers

buy safe youtube subscribers

After a lot of research and testing, in 2016 we announced that our clients can buy YouTube subscribers Vevo subscribers so check out our prices HERE.

How to buy safe YouTube views

Here’s how we generate YouTube views?

First we classify your video in accordance with one of 14 categories:

  • Action & Suspense
  • Animals & Nature
  • Animation & Gaming
  • Art & Culture
  • Comedy & Fails
  • Consumables & Cooking
  • Drama & Sitcoms
  • Education & Technology
  • Fashion & Grooming
  • Fitness & Sport
  • Horror & Tragedy
  • Music & Song Covers
  • People & Vlogs
  • Reactions & Reviews

We then promote that video until a certain number of people have watched and engaged with it.

buy safe youtube views

Fast Professional Client Service

We stand by professionalism, positivity and promptitude, all 3 of which shine through in our service.

Contact us any time by email at with any question and we’ll respond quickly, or use our fast Contact Form here.

buy safe youtube views

First make sure you visit our Frequently Asked Questions page because you’ll get instant answers to the most common questions, the use of our website, YouTube video optimisation tips, etc.

And while you’re at it why not shop with us!

YouTube strictly monitors videos for fake views and likes, so we are the safest option, now more than ever.

We have greatly increased our customer base since YouTube started requiring real views, likes and comments.

There is only one safe way to go, so make sure you fly with V.V.i!

Beware fake YouTube views, and never buy video Likes

That’s good advice right there. Only buy safe YouTube views, and avoid any sites or sellers you’re unsure about.

A good sign of a YouTube views scam is a site that sells video Likes separately, because YouTube is now committed to removing fake video likes.

Another danger sign is website quality, because poor quality services often have childish, poorly written sites.

Bad grammar and website design is a sign of danger, so please research carefully before paying for any video promotion.

Their service and ability to communicate are also poor.

Cheap video promotion services are never safe, so please be careful!

There are hundreds of bad social media traffic dealers so please do be careful.

If you would like to test our services, we have an introductory Free Trial offer so you can get free YouTube views to “try before you buy”.

Acceptable video content only

We do not promote offensive videos, racism, bullying, or any type of content we deem inappropriate or derogatory.

Further, an order may be cancelled altogether if a video is considered unacceptable for viewing.

buy safe youtube views

We believe in strongly in the power of technology and social media to bring positive change.

Buy safe YouTube views for max “virality”

We recommend optimising your YouTube video so more people discover it naturally.

See our easy-to-read YouTube video optimisation advice HERE.

Thanks for visiting!

Whether you’re a film distributor, artist, academic, blogger, reporter, public figure or marketer, we are confident of providing service to your immense satisfaction.

Don’t just buy YouTube views. Buy SAFE YouTube views.

Buy safe YouTube views
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The Video Views Team

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85 thoughts on “Buy Safe YouTube views

    • Hey I just wanted to say this to anyone thinking about using this service.. I bought the Extra YouTube engagement for 14$ it said it would give 600+ views & some other things it actually gave 2400 views & 40 comments slot of which you could tell they actually watched the whole video every one of them were positive.. I 100% was blown away by how above & beyond they actually delivered.. literally can’t wait to do more business with them ASAP wow! What a Life Hack man ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ that’s how it’s done..

  1. Let me know if you can guarantee good comments we want people interacting with out video not just liking it. If you canthen we will order 250K++ views asap.

    • We have high engagement networks that screened to be suited to your particular sub-category right from the beginning of their very inclusion in that social media community, which will guarantee you some honest engagement that you can choose to either display or not display on your video.

  2. Not sure how you can call it legit when you guarantee likes with every order, isn’t that a sign that you’re doing fakeys? I mean, so often there can be no likes on a YouTube video for a long time, or hardly any likes at all depending on the type of video, doesn’t mean it’s a failure and at least it’s real.

    • Hi. We have high-engagement networks that we can expose the video to for however long it takes to get some real Likes and engagement happening. These are communities of quality people who are interested in the genre/category of the video and are likely to like/share a lot of what they see.

  3. Saw this page nearly a year ago now and I’ve been ordering 5K views every week or so since then and no issue at all, great service keep it up, and great to see now you’ve opened up comments and good to see you guys on twitter too! appreciate the accessibility and great email communication and help.

    • The only email we have ever received from you arrived about 4 hours ago, and we have replied to your email. We will need you to confirm by replying to this comment here that you have received our email reply before we proceed any further.

  4. I apologize I have received it I guess you guys only work with certain email providers when I use my yahoo address I see that the email went through and that you received It but when i used aol it didnt work but once again I apologize Thanks

  5. Good morning,

    I have some additional questions.

    Your Vevo views package,

    The (1M views) package:
    1. Are the views safe for my Vevo channel. Will my channel or videos get taken down or banned?

    2. Would I be allowed to request that the views be slip between some selected videos? (ie. 1M split between 3 videos?).

    3.How long does it take for your views to be fully distributed through your marketing? 30 days? 40 days?..less?

    4. Are your views organic? Your retention is really 80% as the site says?


    • Hi, thanks for your questions. We have sent you an email with greater detail. The quick answers are;

      1-Yes completely safe, we have never had an issue with any video or channel as a result of our services. There is no risk of your video/channel being taken down, banned, sanctioned etc.

      2. Yes you can split your 1 Million Vevo Views between 3 videos.

      3. Completion time depends on your requirements, views can be generated at different speeds.

      4. Our views are intentionally generated via social media, websites, our various online networks so yes they are natural – they are not fake. The word “organic” refers to the views that come from no one doing anything pro-active at all, like the views that come as a result of our services. For example after our campaign is finished your Vevo-on-YouTube video will appear high up in the YouTube search results for your keywords, and will appear as an “Up next” video, which means you will always see more views coming that what you have purchased. And of course, all your views generated via YouTube will also be tallied safely towards your grand total views on

  6. Hello, i am making a review of the site, and i could use some additional information, you guys really look legitimate, so here are my questions :
    -How can you actually guarantee the growth of a channel? If say one video gets more popularity for a bit, how do you advise content creators keep the growth later ?
    -Should someone buy multiple small packs for several videos, if so how many? When is it safe to stand tall on your own ground?
    Thank you for your answers in advance!

    • Hi, thanks for your interest in our services – some good questions…

      1. Views with high retention (audience watch time) are pushed to the top of the YouTube search results for the keywords/sounds of that video. Also, generally your video will be displayed as an “Up Next” video more often when it has more views, likes etc, especially if the views are high-retention and real. It also helps if you read our page on video optimisation (here – ) because small things like having a short title, and choosing the right keywords to beat the right kind of competition, and putting those keywords at the very start of the Title and the Description – these are all important to grow the channel organically.

      2. We find different clients with differing strategies. Some go big on the videos they know are the most popular with a small audience they’ve tested the video with. Whereas some clients like to spread an even amount of exposure over the whole channel, with the aim of getting more committed, permanent viewers/subscribers to stick around and really follow the channel’s progress and latest videos. Remember to always add a tag to your videos that is completely unique (ex: myblog2468xyz) so that your videos will show up more often as an “Up Next” video. Often, people interested in one of your videos will watch another couple of videos from your channel.

      Another quick tip: If you buy Facebook video views from us, we recommend you make a short teaser video of your YouTube video, and link to that YouTube video using Facebook’s new call-to-action button. Some YouTubers are reporting some success with this.

      Any further questions, feel free to drop us a note at and/or check out our FAQ page here –

  7. I emailed you guys many hours ago. I ordered 20,000 views and only recieved 10,000 and it just completely stopped, what’s going on? You fulfilled my previos order great, but what’s going on with this one?

    • Hi, yes indeed likes and comments are provided and are also real. Commenters will be from western countries, native in English. We also have some capacity with German, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese speaking communities of considerably large size – just ask us.

  8. Hi,Will the videos be viewed by real audience
    For example blog sites social networks or
    Apps? Are the comments and engagements
    From real active users?

    • Hi,

      Indeed your campaign has begun as you’ll notice on your video, and rest assured we will implement the campaign as and however it works best for optimal ‘virality’ and a solid grounding for on-going organic or ‘promo-free’ growth once we’re finished the campaign. You will always receive an Order Completion Email once the campaign is finished.

      One thing for you to note also for future reference is that you can purchase our 100k package instead of two 50k packages, as that will save you a few dollars.

      If you have any further questions feel free to drop us a note anytime at

      Hope this helps!

      The Video Views Team

  9. I ordered for 10000 vevo views and Iโ€™m yet to get them.. I emailed the support and still havenโ€™t got a reply…hope to hear soon

  10. I just ordered 2,500 YouTube views and received your invoice which says I was supposed to Install my Views?? I am a Singer, and I do not do or understand anything about computer tech Installations. I was under the impression that once I gave you my YouTube URL and purchased the Views that you would be sending them to my YouTube Video/Song?? Do I need to cancel my order?

    • Hi,
      The email you received is not an invoice, nor are there any instructions or anything like that – it is simply a receipt of purchase confirming that your campaign has commenced. Rest assured there is nothing you need to do once you have completed your purchase. We have also emailed you directly about this. Thanks again and welcome aboard.

      The Video Views Team

    • Hi,

      It’s fine if a site says “not secure” as long as when you go to the Checkout, you see https:// which means secure. Only shops require secure socket layer (SSL) encryption.

      If you are in the Checkout and your browser says “not secure” then certainly inform us immediately because that is not good!

      Hope this helps!

      The Video Views Team

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your message. Certainly it looks like your channel (with around 75 videos already) is due for some increased exposure and the benefits that will follow. Note that we do accept BTC, ETC and now XRP as payment at the Checkout. Let us know if you have any questions at any time at

      The Video Views Team

    • Hi,
      Thanks for reaching out, yes all services are running as per usual and without issue. Some countries are having email server issues at present, and we have been assured by our email provider that this is being fixed and email services for all countries will return to normal in a few days.

      Hope this helps!

      The Video Views Team

    • Hi,
      Thanks for reaching out, yes all services are running as per usual and without issue. Some countries are having email server issues at present, and we have been assured by our email provider that this is being fixed and email services for all countries will return to normal in a few days.

      Hope this helps!

      The Video Views Team

    • Hi,

      We have been informed by your team that the 100K Views campaign will be completed early next week, which means on schedule. Please direct all questions/messages to our direct email for the fastest responses straight from your Account Director and their team assigned to complete your order.

      Hope this helps!

      The Video Views Team

    • Hi,

      Your ORDER #12338 for 100K Views is most definitely complete, we apologise if there were any unforeseen delays.

      Thank you so much for your ongoing business.

      The Video Views Team

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