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Our facebook video views service

Our global social media networks have united to get your videos to the next level.


Facebook is the fastest-growing social media video platform since YouTube, and will soon overtake YouTube in some areas.

Always obey the rules of Facebook video success, namely:

  • K.I.S.S. – keep it short and simple (under 3 minutes is usually best)
  • Emotion – give it feeling or meaning (humour, irony, surprise or triumph)
  • Relevance – make people feel compelled to share it right now
  • Selflessness – don’t make it self-centered (unless you’re as good as Ricky Gervais)

If you follow these rules and buy Facebook video views to boost exposure, the sky is the limit.

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The facebook advantage

The main Facebook advantage is mobile phone usability and speed.

Facebook video sharing is faster, easier and more relevant, and all done from the same mobile screen.

Also, Facebook’s new call-to-action button can take video viewers directly to YouTube videos, websites, online stores etc.

buy Facebook video views

What’s if I don’t buy Facebook video views and just pay Facebook?

The main benefits of our service is the guaranteed amount of views, plus the likes and engagement.

However, we recommend using paying facebook as part of your video promotion. The audience targeting is quite good.

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Whether you’re a film distributor, musician, game creator, fishing expert, comedian, politician, marketer or social media manager, if you buy Facebook video views we will serve you to your immense satisfaction.

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buy Facebook video views


25 thoughts on “Buy Facebook Video Views

    • I have a Show every Thursday at 8Pm Eastern time i would like to buy views for my show this Thursday is that possible and will i see the views at the end of the show

      • Hi,

        Yes we’ll be able to do that for you. Please ensure you place your order as early as possible before your show day/time. Your instructions/preferences can be added to the order notes box at the Checkout (where you provide the video link/s) and you can also follow-up with confirmation direct by email at

        Hope this helps!

        The Video Views Team

  1. Only use you guys for views on facebook, as far as I know yous were the first to offer these and your still the cheapest and the most generous with the views.

  2. I want to get views from facebook to youtube what do you recommend I do and how many views should I buy for max effectiveness without wasitng money on too many?

    • Yes. We will promote the video on low-engagement networks and no likes will result. Possibly one or two, but usually we can ensure there are no likes. Just add this request to the order note at the Checkout – where you paste your Facebook video link.

  3. We extremely recommend this service. If you are looking for fast and fantastic results you’re in the right place.
    One more time, thanks! Awesome services. We’re glad for you.

  4. anyone negative about views should forget that when it comes to facebook –this shit worx, fb puts ur vid into newsfeeds just because of the stats on the vid.

  5. hi will the comments on my personal video come from my own network or do I have to change the settings to allow strangers into my fragile private sanctum of friendlihood?

  6. Best yt views business on the internet – got likes got comments got subs, got natural views coming too. thanks so much guys will order again soon!

    • Hi, you can specify such requirements/preferences in the order notes at the Checkout (where you paste your video link/s) or you can specify directly by email once you have placed your order. We’re happy to oblige any requests that we can meet. Hope this helps!

      The Video Views Team

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