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Why Buy Twitter Views?

Succeeding ahead of competitors on Twitter is now largely dependent on video performance and engagement.

Engagement Activation

According to Twitter from their own research analysis, a tweet with a video is over 5 times more likely to be retweeted than a tweet with an image. Lasting connection requires memory creation – video is best at doing just that. By simply using video as a means of communication on Twitter, you’re already passing most of your competitors.

Emotional Connection

For both engagement and recall of you, your brand, your cause, your art etc you need short videos which visually compel the viewer to touch/click early in the video.

On YouTube sound quality is most important to ensure a long listen/watch time, and on Twitter the key is strong early visual stimulation that inspires the viewer to open up the video into full view.


You need to disrupt them as they busily scroll through the masses of content snippets passing them by. Emotional imagery in the first 10 seconds holds the key in this regard.

Video Loop Effectiveness

Make video loops work for you! Twitter videos less than a minute long will automatically loop for your viewers, which deepens engagement and increases sharing behaviour.

Long story short; because videos auto-play, a short video that loops over and over is a powerful tool you need to use. The viewer knows it’s a short video, so they open it and watch at least one and a half loops. Goal kicked!


We are referring mainly to Twitter music video promotion as we are primarily a music video promotion company. However, the same facts hold true for any video type or genre.

How To Buy Twitter Views

1. Add a Twitter views promo package to your Cart.
2. Proceed to Checkout and paste your Twitter video link/s in the text box provided.
3. Select your payment option (pay by Credit/Debit card, pay with Bitcoin or via PayPal) and complete your transaction.
4. Relax! Your Twitter views campaign will start instantly if you pay with cryptocurrency, or within 12 hours if you pay by other methods.
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