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Our Vevo-safe views are the only way to go, for many reasons.

NEVER buy standard YouTube views for a YouTubeVEVO video.

Vevo’s unique requirements mean that ordinary YouTube views are not as effective.

Further, the spammy fake views our competitors provide will eventually be removed from your Vevo video, potentially affecting your Vevo standing.

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Views matter, but so does engagement.

Recent research found that on platforms like YouTube and Vevo almost all big videos actually use some form of paid seeding in order to go viral.

Also, videos with hundreds of thousands of views are over 4 times more likely to be watched than videos with less than 100K views.

When real people from YOUR target audience engage and write relevant comments, future viewers will engage and share significantly more.


How to send a YouTube video viral

However, most importantly, when a video receives high quality views with good viewer retention and real likes/engagement, that video dominates the search rankings over and above competing videos. Viewers will be shown your video more often as a recommended option for them to click.

Your videos will appear more often and rank higher in the search results than competing videos which have less achievement signals than yours.

It’s the ‘Snowball Effect’; more views … means video looks more attractive … means more clicks … means more views … means continued dominance in YouTube search results … means more views. Bingo!

Sit back and watch your video grow, as you focus on building your Channel as an artist and communicator.


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