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When buying Vevo views, the challenge is to make sure an acceptable level of high-quality exposure is generated for the Vevo video.

Even now after the 2018 removal of the website and app, Vevo videos still operate under the control of Vevo’s elevated requirements including audience, location, retention and engagement quality.


NEVER buy standard YouTube views for a Vevo video

Promotion of YouTubeVEVO videos requires high viewer retention, a focus on more restricted geographical areas in many cases, it requires different viewer sources in order for the views to be drive the video upwards, and only 100% real and relevant fan comments acceptable – just to name a few things.

Just because it’s on YouTube does not mean it’s a standard YouTube video

There are good reasons why our specialised Vevo-safe Views are a little more expensive than our standard YouTube views.

Buying ordinary YouTube video views for a Vevo-on-YouTube video often results in trouble, and possibly worse consequences for your video/channel. Pay a little extra and stay safe.

Real and relevant audience engagement

Vevo represents the new frontier of high-end video revenue generation and artist notoriety in the music industry, and our specialist Music Video Team are well placed, leading the charge in the arena, with some of the biggest names out there as clients.

Trust our experience and renowned reputation for professionalism and customer service to get your Vevo video off to a great start.

The Top Ten Vevo Channels have an average of just under 5 billion views each – Vevo is big business. Don’t wait for things to happen. Get to the next level.


Research has shown that Vevo videos appearing near other videos that have many more views makes things difficult.

The video with far less views won’t attract as many first-time views as another nearby video that appears to be way more popular – sad but true.

It is difficult to ensure a Vevo video goes sufficiently viral if paid promotion is not part of the strategy.

Vevo is a place of extremes. Videos are either very popular, or struggling for viewers. Buy Vevo views to get the video climbing up rapidly in the YouTube search results. This means more natural organic views after the promotion, which means high rankings, which means more views, etc.

Buy Vevo Subscribers too!

We have a unique service available whereby you can both promote your Vevo video and recruit real subscribers on board via your Vevo-on-YouTube Channel.

We are the only company to offer this service – our subscribers will not unsubscribe, or disappear, or be removed.

Buy Vevo subscribers HERE.


Buy Vevo views from the world’s largest and most trusted viral agency

Globally, we generate video views with quality natural engagement across all types of devices and relevant demographics, and we can reach wider audiences due to our extensive social media communities across various languages and cultures relevant to Vevo’s parameters.

One example of such focus is our hip hop video promotion team, which engages USA rap fans directly, so you’re guaranteed to be happy with the comments you see on your rap video!

Click this link for more information on our –> hip hop video promotion.


Prompt Professional Service

Email anytime at for a timely, helpful response.


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for the most common questions people ask before they buy Vevo views, YouTube views, Facebook video views or Instagram video views.

Helpful, honest advice

We are in business to help artists, performers, directors and producers reach their full potential.

So when we warn about fake views providers, it’s not a scare tactic to try and get you to buy Vevo views with us, we are just telling the truth. Our suggestion: buy Vevo views safely.

Our advice is free, accurate, up-to-date, and honest

Vevo’s Terms of Use advise that you read the ‘fine print’ of all third party services, and so do we – here are our Video Views Terms & Conditions, which includes our Video Views Privacy Policy, both constituting our Terms & Conditions Agreement.

Thanks for your attention

Whether you are just starting out, or if you’re already a Vevo star, we are confident we can assist you, whether you decide to buy Vevo views or not.

HQ Team

Thumbs up,
The Video Views Team

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27 thoughts on “Buy Vevo Views

  1. fully legit views and we’ve gotten a couple of sales already from the video page, thanks too for the quick email replies.

  2. I am interested in purchasing 500K vevo views starting from August but varying on and off over a few months, can someone please contact me eyeofnewtAThotmailDOTcom

  3. Never thought I’d say this but finally a views provider that fully checks out and gives a hoot about customers, love your work.

  4. If I buy vevo views from you for a YT video is it safer for the YT video as well? I don’t mind paying a bit extra if their guaranteed to be safe as houses.

    • @Mario OT: No. Our standard YouTube views are 100% safe real views that we generate.

      Just make sure you buy Vevo views if it’s a Vevo-on-YouTube video because the sources/locations etc don’t get held up in the V/YT checking process and the Vevo views ensure powerful search results and ideal metrics across both platforms.

  5. We buy vevo views and facebook views here, never had any issue and always get good results on the videos. country targeting is a bit slow but apart from that best place to buy from.

    • Hi, thank you for your message. Your team has been emailing you, and we have no record of emails from you, so please check your Junk/Spam box in your email for our messages. To be precise, you first ordered 1K Subscribers which are just about completed. Please don’t worry about slower than expected speeds – you need to give time for the build to occur, and if your order goes over the average completion time, rest assured the campaign is still on track. We value you and your custom and hope to establish email contact. To help, you can add our email to your known email contacts.

      The Video Views Team

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