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Comments guaranteed, hundreds to thousands of likes on posts, thousands of views on videos, thousands of permanent followers.

Expires 32 days after purchase. Multi-month purchase discount available.



All engagement. All posts. Everyday for 30 days!

Select 1 quantity for 1 month, 2 quantities for 2 months etc, and you’re away!

NOTE: If you are ordering 12 months of promotion in one go, simply order 11 quantities – the 12th month is on us!

Our quality USA community of millions stands ready get to know you and your content, and spread it far and wide with our one-month all-inclusive Instagram promotion package.

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Video Views

Thousands of views on every video you post – max one per day.

You will be guaranteed to get over 5,000+ views on every video, however you may get many more depending on the quality, ie how much your audience enjoys and/or engages with it etc.

Post Likes

Hundreds of likes on every video and photo you post – max 3 per day.

Quality real USA instagrammers engaging with your content, at least a few hundred but possibly many more if the photo/video goes viral, as quality/appealing posts often do.

Permanent Followers

Thousands of Instagram followers remaining permanently!

A minimum of 5,000 followers will jump on board throughout the 30 day period, and if you don’t post the maximum number of posts per day then you will get additional bonus followers.

Here’s how it works:
You have 90 posts in total (max 3 posts per day).
We expect you will use at least 30 of those posts.
If you don’t use any of the additional 60 posts then at the end of the month we will credit you with extra followers due to the post engagement you missed out on.

If there is any confusion or a question just drop us a not at anytime 24/7.


Followers that jump on board separately from us will not be minused from the total – we only count the number of followers that WE have actually brought on board directly.


Perhaps you don’t want any likes, views, comments etc and just want to build your audience.

Just tell us “followers only” in the order notes and we will generate additional permanent followers over the 30 days for you.


Again, just let us know and we’ll adjust what exposure and engagement we generate, always making sure that you get the same value for money!

In fact, any flexibility or alternate variation of what you need done just let us know by email at and we can have that discussion.

Post Comments

Some followers will comment on your posts they find most appealing/arousing.

We cannot guarantee any set number of comments, but rest assured you will see some, and certainly we have seen some clients enjoying dozens to hundreds or more comments when their audience really takes to a particular post!

Comments are of course from real users, from advanced countries such as USA and Europe, with the top languages including English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, and even Jamaican creole!

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