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Why Our Instagram Views Service Is All The Rage!

The largest sudden increase in social media marketing investment that we’ve noticed has been with our Instagram video views.


Let us explain why…


The responsiveness of Instagram and its communities is second to none – Facebook is no doubt happy with their purchase of the Instagram platform!

All our Instagram video views orders commence almost immediately, and are completed in very quick (but steady/appropriate) time.

Unless of course you ask us to go slower!

With most Instagrammers however, they really want a fast start and a momentum-packed completion in quick time – so that’s what you’ll get by default.

Instagram views service

It’s very rare that you can think to yourself “Hmm I really need a quick boost for this new vid” and after just a few clicks (or thumb smashes) and a cup of coffee (skim latte no sugar) you see that your video is right where it needs to be to reach its viral potential!

Always with likes and comments as well, of course!


With our massive USA, American and European communities ready and waiting 24/7 you’ll be pleased with the appropriate audience engaging with the video/s, and you’ll notice some new followers on board too.

We make sure the crowd matches the content!


With the enhanced performance of your video across our social media communities, your Instagram video reaches out like it never would have before.

What you’ll also notice is your content’s standing will improve over time in search results and reach!

New eyes on your content, and with each engagement and sharing behaviour there will be even more new eyes on your content – the Instagram algorithms really reward viral activity with better search result placements and appearance in more people’s feeds.


If it’s “hands off” or “fire and forget” automatic engagement across all your posts on Instagram that you want, then we highly recommend our new “InstaMonth” service which boosts all your post/photos and videos for a 30-day period.

Thus you don’t need to worry about anything except which of your most treasured moments should be shared!

Don’t forget the 12th month is free so if you select multiple quantities for multiple months then you only need to purchase 11 quantities to cover yourself for an entire year!

Instagram likes subscription

And let’s not forget VALUE FOR MONEY

We understand that some people don’t post as often as others.

If you buy our InstaMonth subscription service and you don’t utilise the 3 posts per day, we will make up the lost value by generating additional followers, even increasing your followers for the month from 5k up to 10k+ in some cases.

See our InstaMonth service here –

Go Big on Insta!

It could be argued that the best, fastest, most relevant and most effective way to get your Insta presence really moving is with our InstaMonth service, and indeed Instagram should be about fun and creativity and living life, not about constantly having to place orders for each and every post!

We are already seeing stunning results for so many clients, with some not needing to use any paid boosting after 4-6 months of using our Instagram services.

And that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, because that’s the goal – use us then leave us and never look back – we love it.

Fumbs up!

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