Increase YouTube views FREE

How To Increase YouTube Views Free

In today’s crowded media landscape it’s the little things that make a big difference.

You can increase YouTube views free of charge with just a few minor, but very important, adjustments.

increase youtube views free

Once you figure out how to get people’s attention you’ll be able to get on a roll, then stay on a roll.

Video Title

Your YouTube video title must contain keywords as close to the beginning of the title if possible.

The title also has to informatively inspire people to want to click (and feel confident clicking) your video ahead of other videos. In this regard, many great viral video titles directly indicate the logical or emotional benefit the viewer will gain by watching.

Your YouTube video title should be formed at the same time as you define your video strategy.

Complete the magic sentence:

“I want my video to be found by __________ ,

who feel strongly about __________,

and would feel good about sharing __________ .”


Example sentence:

I want my video to be found by mothers with young children, who feel strongly about natural foods/remedies/lifestyle, and would feel good about sharing safe advice on improving children’s sleep.

Example title:

“Child sleep solution as mother nature intended!”

Remember the key is to use or trigger positive high arousal emotions if possible. If there is no need for emotional priming of any kind, then you should use a statement indicating satisfaction and helpfulness (with good keyword insertion) as your video title ‘weapon of choice’.    

increase youtube views free

The single biggest predictor of video sharing is distribution – how many people you can push the video in front of. The second biggest predictor is high arousal (Ha) emotions, with overall creative quality coming in third.

See our section “What makes videos go viral?” here.

Now that you have an idea of your target audience and their emotional triggers, get your creative juices flowing and come up with a title for your YouTube video which attracts your target in around 10 words.

Examples of GOOD YouTube video titles

1 “Couple That Took Steve Harvey In BEFORE He was Famous! (Steve Crying)”
2 “Justin Bieber’s Superfan Becomes His Birthday Gift!”
3 “How to Fix Clogged Kitchen Sink That Won’t Drain”
4 “Tesla The Race to Zero Point Free Energy”

Examples of BAD YouTube video titles

1 “chris with ducks 2.mpg”
2 “CFD medics gets brand new technology”
3 “What’s Up Downunder S05 Ep18 – Noticeboard”
4 “Christmas Party for Startups and Developers plus My Favourite Cloud Product Competition Launch”

Your video title can be updated at any time, so keep checking the search results by typing different keywords to see how high your video is ranking, and how your title compares to other videos which are currently more successful than yours.

To get onto the first page of the YouTube search results, adding some paid video views is the best solution, either with YouTube directly or through an online video network service like what we offer here at V.V.i (shameless self-promotion!)

Add some views to your YouTube video here.

increase youtube views free

First you generate a set amount of views, check how high your video rises in the rankings as a result of that ‘push’, then make some adjustments and apply the same number of views again and measure how much better it performs.

Keep in mind, sometimes you may need to aim for other (unexpected) key words that you discover along the way, in order to surpass other videos you are competing with.

At the end of the day, we say “increase YouTube views free” but really it costs you time, effort, persistence and learning application.

The most important tip – never give up!


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Keywords and ‘Tags’

How do I know what the best key words are for my YouTube video?

You don’t. No one knows for sure. However you can succeed with an educated guess or two.

Remember YouTube is an ocean of organically growing, ever-changing cogs of engagement which relate to each other comparatively just as much as they stand alone as single, logical “units”.

Your video might be great on its own – logical and seemingly perfect – and an SEO expert might say it’s fantastic, yet still your video might not perform well. This is because you are not adapting the video’s qualities to the quirky, competitive context in which it is immersed.

The best key words are ANY keywords that rank you high in the search results, AND don’t generate dislikes by misleading viewers.

Yes but how should I choose my keywords?

First, do some quick research using the auto-complete in a normal Google search.

Let’s say we’re trying to promote a mould removal product… start typing some core keywords and Google will auto-complete the keyword sets for you: youtube video optimisation - google search example  

So, possibly three separate mould cleaner demonstration videos – one for clothing, one for ceilings, and one for leather? Or perhaps all three in one, it depends on budget, motivation, time, your goals etc.

The best title might be something like: 1 “Remove mould from clothes in seconds easy” 2. “Best way to remove mould super-fast technique” 3. “Killer mould remover cleans ceiling, clothes, leather like magic!”

The core key words in the above titles are near the start of the title, which is critical if you want to rank high in the search results.

The copy is in line with what most people will actually type into their search box. The title indicates that helpfulness and satisfaction is quickly achievable by watching the video.

How many tags should I add in the tag box?

Less than ten. Five is a good number.

Use core keywords, and possibly one or two strange ‘left-field’ words or phrases that might get your video found by people who are not looking for you, but may be interested.

In the case of our mould remover example, you could try “Spring cleaning” or “House flood” or “DIY”, so that your video can also sneak up the search results for other keywords to attract more people who might be interested.

For example, Julie is searching for advice with the keyword “Spring cleaning” and your video pops up in the results list next to the video she’s currently watching, and she thinks “Hey I’ve got mould on some of my clothes in the cupboard, I wonder which brand is the best?”, she clicks it, watches it, and maybe shares it with her partner or posts it to her own social profile as a reminder to buy some.

Be logical and clever with your tags, use less than ten so that you don’t dilute their effectiveness too much.

Also, make sure you re-check your tags a month later, and try deleting and re-typing them

Your tags may have since been categorised as an official YouTube tag category- these tags are more effective than plain text tags.

Here’s an example:
increase youtube views free

In the above example, the original tag “PR” should be removed and replaced with the official YouTube tag “Public Relations (Industry) that now appears. Set yourself a calendar reminder to go back in and edit your video every month, as there are always new official tags being added to the system.

Tag optimisation only takes ten seconds, and it gets you more views.

Video length

Keep videos as short as possible, even the long ones.

If you can make a shorter version of your video that summarises everything in a minute, that’s the video you should be making.

If the example video we’ve been discussing is only a couple of minutes in length and it can generate 20,000 to 50,000 views as quickly as possible, it could be a real winner that will increase mould remover sales significantly over a number of years.

That is, assuming people remain unaware that the best mould remover is in fact naturally fermented white vinegar!

We hope you’re hanging in there so far, this may be a a lot of information to digest in one go … grab a drink, do some sit ups, then let’s keep going!  

Caleb break time

By the way if you have any questions about YouTube videos and our services which add views to them, contact us anytime and we’ll get back to you real quick.

Video Captions

Don’t be lazy, just get them done! YouTube’s does create captions automatically for you, however these automatic captions will not show up in search engines.

Create your own captions track.

Not only will some users take advantage of the use of captions, but they will be indexed by the search engines, pushing your video further up the results page on YouTube and Google.

Search engine optimisation (with Google and within YouTube) is all about typed text, so get your captions working for you by ensuring your video’s audio contains key words, as well as related phrases for latent semantic indexing.

One other thing; if your video will appeal to people in a language other than English and you don’t caption your video in that language, you’re missing out on a lot of additional views/shares, and you won’t be found by people searching with keywords in that language.

If you just don’t have the time to create additional translations, simply click ‘Request Translation’ when you create a captions track and the Google Translator Toolkit will auto-create copies of your captions in dozens of languages, though the captions are unlikely to be precisely accurate.

Video Description

Your video’s description is the explanation that you insert below your video, for viewers to understand more about your video, the relevant topic/s, and you!

Be sure to have as much text as is appropriate – search engines crawl through text and promote those with relevant keywords and phrases to the top of search results, so don’t be afraid to have some simple definitions or explanations somewhere in your description.

The more the merrier.

Put core keywords and web links at the top

The top three lines of a YouTube video’s description is prime viewer real estate, as they are always visible.

Text below the top three lines can only be seen once the viewer decides to expand the description box – which will be less than 10% of your viewers, on average.

Choose wisely how you use these top three lines of the description – perhaps a web link you want interested viewers to visit can appear here?

If possible, improve your search engine optimisation further by starting your description with core keywords, just like you did in the video title.

Which on-screen video annotations are the best?


Don’t use annotations.

Their main function is that they irritate people. Always try and uphold a zero-annoyance policy with your on-screen annotations.

If you really want to use them, use them to indicate an on-screen preview of another video (as some advanced users are now doing), but keep them at the end of your video in almost all cases.
Jez and Fifi

Hope it helps!

You’ve done well getting through all that tech advice!

We hope this has helped show you how to increase YouTube views free, so that your videos are always lined up ready to maximise their ‘findability’ and organic reach.

OF COURSE the goal of every TV show is to not need to advertise. The goal of every product/brand is to not need to advertise or promote, or put things on sale.

Such is the goal on YouTube – you want your videos to grow naturally without you having to spend money on promoting them, and at the very least you want higher organic growth in your videos than your competitors over the long-term, so come back here and re-read this advice as many times as you need.

All Video Views customers get free video optimisation tips (along with some free views for loyalty!), and their questions answered quickly.

Reach out any time via our Contact Form or directly via email at
Increase YouTube views free
Thumbs up,
The Video Views Team


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