How Many Views Should I Buy?

How many YouTube views is good?

It’s a tough question, “How many YouTube views should I buy” is asked by many of our customers.

Everyone wants their video seen by as many people as possible, but you don’t want to go too far …

The answer depends on three factors:

  • How many views similar videos have
  • What your goals are for your video
  • How much engagement your video has


1. How many views do similar YouTube videos have?

Take a few minutes and bookmark a few videos that are in the same category (or share the same style) as your video.

Once you’ve checked out a dozen or so, quickly total the amount of views and divide by the number of videos.


Don’t buy any more than the average number of views that a popular video gets in your category

If your video is good enough to be the best video in your category, you should make sure you get over the line without boosted exposure.

Especially when starting out, you won’t benefit from too many views too quickly – unless you’re going for an all-out viral in which case you need as many views as possible immediately.

Research says you only have 2-4 days to make the most of the initial viral spread.

In most cases, what people want and need is to have a decent amount of views to inspire potential viewers that this video is proper, and worth watching.

Once the search engines grab onto the video and its keywords and tags, and people are liking it and leaving the odd comment here and there, you may like to add more views to take it to the next level, perhaps even take control of the category by hitting the lead and staying there.

2. What are your goals for your YouTube video?

GOAL: Viral Video

If you are creating and attempting to let fly with an all-out viral video, then as soon as you have uploaded you need to open a can of viral whoop-ass.


Your primary goal is to get into YouTube’s “Today’s most watched videos” which will propel you to the heights you’re looking for.

Thus, your overall campaign needs to go all out immediately once you’ve uploaded the video – blogs, social media embedding, targeted ads, boosted exposure etc.

Research has shown that viral sharing takes place mostly in the first three days of viral activity, so if your goal is virality and you have the content to achieve it, don’t hold back and be quick.


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GOAL: Channel Success

For long-term success of your video for sales or channel success, stick to the average views rule mentioned earlier, and when you boost the video for the second time remember the video Tag rule …

Take advantage of the extra power that tags have in the beginning … During your first boost, use unique tags such as your last name, company name, and any original keyword and do it across all your videos.

This way, you will force YouTube to place your videos in the “Related Videos” that appear next to the video that viewers are watching, because the videos share the same tags.

This helps your overall channel achieve more views, and is most likely to cement you some new subscribers, as well as stronger engagement – you are taking advantage of the passionate viewer who’s highly interested in your content and wants to watch multiple videos that you have on offer.

Then, once your boosted video slows down a little, dig in for the long-term by changing your tags to key search words that will get people discovering your video in the YouTube search results. Then give your video that second, smaller boost after a few days.

This will steady it out and can often see your video listed on the first page of search results.

Don’t forget to follow our Video Optimisation Tips too!

3. How much engagement does your YouTube video have

Simply put, if you have hardly any Likes and no Comments perhaps you should evaluate how and in what context your video is being watched.

Some videos are watched almost exclusively on mobile and/or by users who are not logged in, so Comments and Likes are few and far between.

Again it depends on your goals, but whatever the case you should have your video open for Comments are be trying to encourage people to interact with you and others on YouTube – it can certainly help search engines rank you higher in the results.

Add your thoughts below!

Share your reasons for buying YouTube views, or your reasons for not buying YouTube views, and what your thoughts are on it all, we welcome any and all respectful discussion …



24 thoughts on “How Many Views Should I Buy?

  1. Yes good advice being given, whatever you do you shouldn’t be adding more than a few thousand for a video at a time, YT is clamping down and removing vids with lots of sudden views.

    • Marcy that may be the strategy adopted by people using view generators, however we have no such restrictions as our views are generated via social media networks, which means high-retention (or more importantly “natural retention”) views from completely separate IP addresses and devices.

      So add as many as you like if you deal with us, just bear in mind that you don’t want to over-expose a video with a bazillion views if it’s not good enough to ever deserve a bazillion views – the Likes won’t match the viewcount (ie Likes equalling 1-5% of the views) and many of your video Comments will be undesirable because some experienced YouTube viewers will be aware that something isn’t right.

      Best advice is “keep it real banana peel!” 🙂

  2. The truth is, I only buy as many views as I want, depending on how well received the video was received on Facebook and other platforms I shared it on. Because buying views without sharing is cheating. I usually boost my videos with 10k views or so. Not to mention it is best to add small amounts of views consistently because it helps with increasing search rankings. Only those who want to game and cheat the system buy fake views.

    • Miriam you make a good point that Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term commitment that requires relatively consistent visitor traffic over the long-term, in order to maintain a first page search listing.

  3. I will also buy legitimate views for my YouTube videos if they were well received on Facebook. And I agree that only douchebags buy fake views. That is a terrible practice.

    • It’s a very good strategy to test your video in front of a sizable facebook audience.

      Also, find similar videos to yours on YouTube and look at their view counts, that way you’ll know how many views will be too many.

      In some categories 50K views is complete success, no need to add or expect any more than that!

      The best thing to do is give your video a kick start so that it has some social proof, in order for the video to reach its own natural potential sooner rather than later.

  4. I agree totally that you need to buy some views to give your videos a kick start in conjunction with you sharing them across your networks. You want to make sure that the views are organic and natural, and it is never a good idea to buy too many views all at one time. Even if the views are real, having something like 300K views thrown at your videos all at once will look fishy. Not to mention, it is best to add small amounts of views often as it will help your search engine rankings. As they say, slow but steady wins the race.

  5. Buying authentic views for your YouTube videos is fine as long as you share them on your social media platforms. There is nothing wrong with getting that boost, as long as you market your videos too.

  6. Only douchbags buy fake YouTube views. How is that really going to help? If you are gonna buy views, do your homework and make sure it’s the real thing.

  7. Thanks for the tip regarding Tags, I’ve tagged my videos with a strange made-up word and they are appearing next to each other in the Related Videos.

  8. Any more than 50K views is taking the piss IMO, no need to go too far, and you need to feel accountable for the quality and relevance of your video, otherwise how will you push yourself to make better ones if you just load every video up with millions of paid views?

  9. Fantastic service this is. All authentic, all of it. Love it, these are not the fake YouTube views you hear about. This is all for real.

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