YouTube Unfreeze

$ 25.00

An engaging 1k+ views campaign for a video frozen by the YouTube system.

Completion in 1-3 days on average.


YouTube Video Unfreeze

YouTube now audits (and often freezes) millions of videos daily, regardless of how many views a video has.

Our Unfreeze campaign will get your video running normally

Why is my video frozen?

One of two main reasons …

1. Graduation of a new video

Videos that get lots of views need to be moved to a larger YouTube server. Your new video appears to be destined for hundreds or thousands of views, not just dozens, so it’s frozen while it’s moved to a bigger storage vessel. Plus, the views are verified with a quick views audit.

In this case our Unfreeze service will likely unfreeze the view count within 72 hours.


2. A random views audit

If your video is not new, then the reason for the freezin is that YouTube’s system has decided to stop the count and conduct a views audit.


Views audits now happen to any YouTube video at any time, and for no special reason.

Since 2015, millions of videos are audited daily, and for larger videos the process can take more than just a week. Read more HERE

Also, views can sometimes be temporarily withheld from the visible view count during the audit, then returned to the view count as they are identified as genuine views.

If you are certain you have done nothing wrong in the eyes of YouTube’s YouTube Terms Of Service and YouTube Community Guidelines, then don’t worry, your video will emerge from the views audit just fine.

Our service simply helps your video emerge from the audit as quickly as possible, due to our very high audience retention, and the genuine engagement signals from our social media networks.


Whatever the case, best to get it unfrozen ASAP

Your video needs some solid engagement and high audience retention if it is frozen. We have this special campaign that works well, much to the satisfaction of our clients, and once-off customers who only use our company for this service.

For more information on this strange and rather annoying YouTube phenomena we have a dedicated information page Why do YouTube views get stuck?.

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