Comment Boost

$ 5.40

Immediate boost of one comment – comment likes and increased engagement.

At Checkout please paste comment link OR video link and comment text.


Increase Your Share-of-voice!

Ever seen a YouTube comment that you think should get more exposure in the discussion?

With our Single YouTube Comment Boost, you can ensure the comment is moved to the top of the discussion thread – voila!

Don’t Hope Don’t Wait

Most readers don’t make it past the 10th comment in a discussion thread – get your comment into sight and mind of viewers!

We’ll send a small hoard to have a look at your comment and engage with it (likes and possibly comments on your comment) so that your comment achieves sufficient mindshare immediately upon you placing your order.

How to paste a YouTube comment link

Next to the comment there is a time-stamp – click that time stamp then you can copy the comment link and paste it into the text box at the Checkout.

FYI this is what a YouTube comment link looks like –

If you can’t manage to find or paste the comment link itself, simply paste the video link together with the comment text so that we’ll be able to find the correct comment that needs boosting.


We’ll do the rest, and your comment will rise near to the top of the thread – if not right to the very top! – which will mean even more viewers, thus more engagement with the comment and, most importantly, more share-of-voice for the point that the comment is making.

You can leave it to us to choose which comment to boost if you like

If you just want a comment boosted and don’t care which one, all we need is the video link and we’ll choose which comment would be best boosted for the benefit of the video/publisher/artist.


If you purchase Single Comment Boost and you only provide a video link – that is, you do not provide a comment link or comment text – we will go ahead and select a comment and we’ll boost that comment to fulfill your order.

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