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When you buy YouTube views do it properly

If you buy YouTube views, ask yourself just two questions:

  • Do my videos get good likes/engagement?
  • Do I keep getting views after the promotion?

    The only place you will get a “Yes” answer to both questions is here at Video Views International.

    Buy YouTube views

    After I buy YouTube views, how do you generate them?

    We use a combination of social media networks, as well as our unique categorisation and online viewer engagement methods.

    See our Buy YouTube views video HERE for more information on how to buy YouTube views from us.

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    Why should I buy YouTube views?

    Most importantly, as a result of our viral marketing service, your YouTube video will improve its search results rankings. Therefore more people will discover your video after the promotion is finished.

    Obviously your video will also look more appealing to people browsing YouTube. This means a greater percentage of people who discover your video will decide to actually click it.

    What should I do before I buy YouTube views?

    Before you buy YouTube views, first get to know a little more about what makes videos go viral.

    Read up on some easy-to-understand research on what viral videos have in common and what “viral” actually means. You will be surprised.

    Buy YouTube views to go viral
    Secondly, make sure your video is optimised to increase YouTube views free and naturally.

    Don’t just buy YouTube views and think you’ll automatically become famous!

    Your video has keywords and text in it description that controls where it shows up in search results. Learn how to write your video up properly.

    What phrase/words do you want people to search with to find your video? What is most informative title in less than 5 words that you can come up with? What special tag can you add to all your videos so they show up as the “up next” video?

    Also put a lot of thought and preparation into making your video. Once your video goes out to a whole heap of people, from that point onward the content is king.

    The words you need to optimise the video are also in the words spoken in the audio of the video. In addition, the length of most successful videos is less than 3 minutes. Furthermore, the presence or encouragement of emotion is a major factor – elements like irony, surprise, hilarity, curiosity.

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