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10,000,000 Facebook Video views with real likes, quality relevant comments and engagement.

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If you only need quality views and you don’t want the extra engagement (likes, comments etc) from our social media communities, let us know in the order notes at the checkout, or by email when you order.

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The viral response, the buzz, and the productivity and discussion around your 10,000,000 views campaign will be immediately significant and proudly ever-lasting for the Page or Profile.

Get into the Newsfeeds, hearts and minds of people interested in your video’s category – with ten million views (and then some) it’s guaranteed to be a success.

We are the leading global provider of high-retention real video views across all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vevo and Vimeo.

(Again, if you don’t want likes/comments etc just let us know in the order notes at the Checkout where you add your video link, or by email)


NOTE: This service is for videos uploaded directly to Facebook, NOT for videos from other social media platforms which have been posted on Facebook.

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Launching a new creation, product, initiative or key message?

Or perhaps some extra views on an older video to achieve your exposure or engagement target?

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We can provide a free trial if you would like to give our services a test-run, just drop us a note and we can have that conversation anytime.

Split Between Multiple Videos!

Feel free to divide your views between multiple videos, just inform us in the order notes at the checkout and provide the relevant video links.

Trust Our Experience

Whatever your reason or goal, trust our experience and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction … and yes, we even respond to emails!

Any questions or requirements you have will be answered promptly by our team of qualified Facebook Video marketers … in readable English!




A facebook video link looks something like this:

If you’re on mobile / tablet

1- Touch the word “video” to get to the video’s unique page.
2- Touch the Time/Date stamp just below the title.
3- Touch “Share” as if you are going to share the video, and select “Copy Link”.

When you are at the Video Views Checkout, hold your thumb down in the text section until the word “Paste” appears. Done!

Caleb break time

If you’re on desktop / laptop computer

1- Touch the word “video” to get to the video’s unique page.
2- Touch the Time/Date stamp just below the title. e.g. “20 hours” or “9 May”
3- Copy then paste the browser link into the Order Notes text box at the Video Views Checkout. Done!

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