Is it safe to buy YouTube views?

Can I buy views without being penalised?

A question since YouTube tightened its monitoring technology back in late 2014, and again in late 2015 – Is it safe to buy YouTube views now in 2017?

The answer is YES and NO, depending where you shop.

YES it’s safe with an audience retention provider like Video Views International or Virool, and NO it’s not safe with super cheap providers that add spammy auto views.

If you’re thinking of automatically tallying up hits on your video view count with dirt cheap sub-continent clicks then it’s all bad news for you – buying spammy/fake/auto YouTube views with no viewer engagement is finished.


YouTube’s upgrade to cutting-edge detection methods is putting more and more YouTube views “click farms” out of business.

Genuine human views via social media is the only safe way to increase YouTube video exposure.

If you want to increase YouTube views to kick-start your video, and you have some money to spend, it is still possible.

Here at Video Views we are, of course, getting busier and busier as more customers use our video exposure services.

Yes we battle it out in the search engines by giving some of our web pages titles like “Buy youtube views” and “Best YouTube views seller”, but that’s because we have to in order to get the attention of potential customers who Google search with phrases like “buy safe youtube views”.

However the reality is we don’t technically “sell” “YouTube views”, we sell time periods of exposure via social media networks that we own/co-own/run, removing the video soon after the number of video visits reaches the desired amount.

There is a key qualitative difference between “YouTube views” and “video views”.

How can the number of times a YouTube video is viewed be increased?

The short answer; Via social media.

Whether it’s with us, or one of the other couple of providers similar to us, you need to pay the owners of social media networks to expose your video to real people in real time.


Basically you have to be honest now, you need to arrange for real humans to watch your video, and be prepared to suffer the sad consequences if nobody likes it.

Now it’s more important than ever to create your video in the most engaging way possible, and to optimise the writing and settings of your video for maximum search engine uptake

See our simple and quick tips on how to optimise your YouTube view here.

High retention YouTube views are also more important than ever now

The advantage of social media video views is that you impress the search engines, which pushes your video to the top of search results on YouTube and eventually Google as well.

Keep in mind we also have a specialised music division for artists and labels interested in buying Vevo views, and our newest division where you can buy Facebook video views is now open.


Add your thoughts below!

Share your experiences and thoughts regarding paid YouTube views, or just ask us a question and we’ll answer with a comment below yours.

If you have a question you’d like to ask privately, contact us anytime at or us our quick Contact Form HERE.




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How Many Views Should I Buy?

How many YouTube views is good?

It’s a tough question, “How many YouTube views should I buy” is asked by many of our customers.

Everyone wants their video seen by as many people as possible, but you don’t want to go too far …

The answer depends on three factors:

  • How many views similar videos have
  • What your goals are for your video
  • How much engagement your video has


1. How many views do similar YouTube videos have?

Take a few minutes and bookmark a few videos that are in the same category (or share the same style) as your video.

Once you’ve checked out a dozen or so, quickly total the amount of views and divide by the number of videos.


Don’t buy any more than the average number of views that a popular video gets in your category

If your video is good enough to be the best video in your category, you should make sure you get over the line without boosted exposure.

Especially when starting out, you won’t benefit from too many views too quickly – unless you’re going for an all-out viral in which case you need as many views as possible immediately.

Research says you only have 2-4 days to make the most of the initial viral spread.

In most cases, what people want and need is to have a decent amount of views to inspire potential viewers that this video is proper, and worth watching.

Once the search engines grab onto the video and its keywords and tags, and people are liking it and leaving the odd comment here and there, you may like to add more views to take it to the next level, perhaps even take control of the category by hitting the lead and staying there.

2. What are your goals for your YouTube video?

GOAL: Viral Video

If you are creating and attempting to let fly with an all-out viral video, then as soon as you have uploaded you need to open a can of viral whoop-ass.


Your primary goal is to get into YouTube’s “Today’s most watched videos” which will propel you to the heights you’re looking for.

Thus, your overall campaign needs to go all out immediately once you’ve uploaded the video – blogs, social media embedding, targeted ads, boosted exposure etc.

Research has shown that viral sharing takes place mostly in the first three days of viral activity, so if your goal is virality and you have the content to achieve it, don’t hold back and be quick.


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GOAL: Channel Success

For long-term success of your video for sales or channel success, stick to the average views rule mentioned earlier, and when you boost the video for the second time remember the video Tag rule …

Take advantage of the extra power that tags have in the beginning … During your first boost, use unique tags such as your last name, company name, and any original keyword and do it across all your videos.

This way, you will force YouTube to place your videos in the “Related Videos” that appear next to the video that viewers are watching, because the videos share the same tags.

This helps your overall channel achieve more views, and is most likely to cement you some new subscribers, as well as stronger engagement – you are taking advantage of the passionate viewer who’s highly interested in your content and wants to watch multiple videos that you have on offer.

Then, once your boosted video slows down a little, dig in for the long-term by changing your tags to key search words that will get people discovering your video in the YouTube search results. Then give your video that second, smaller boost after a few days.

This will steady it out and can often see your video listed on the first page of search results.

Don’t forget to follow our Video Optimisation Tips too!

3. How much engagement does your YouTube video have

Simply put, if you have hardly any Likes and no Comments perhaps you should evaluate how and in what context your video is being watched.

Some videos are watched almost exclusively on mobile and/or by users who are not logged in, so Comments and Likes are few and far between.

Again it depends on your goals, but whatever the case you should have your video open for Comments are be trying to encourage people to interact with you and others on YouTube – it can certainly help search engines rank you higher in the results.

Add your thoughts below!

Share your reasons for buying YouTube views, or your reasons for not buying YouTube views, and what your thoughts are on it all, we welcome any and all respectful discussion …




Why buy YouTube views?

Why buy YouTube views in the first place?

It’s a good point, you certainly don’t have to.

In fact in many cases you don’t even need to!

Whatever the case may be, the reality is paid YouTube views are here to stay, so let’s discuss the pros and cons of buying YouTube views, who buys them and why they do so …


Buying YouTube views is here to stay

There is no way to stop people from exposing their video to large social media audiences who are interested in videos and new experiences.

It is also fair to argue that paid YouTube views are no different from TV or radio advertising – you pay for exposure, you get exposure, more people become aware of your message, material or mission.

Hey presto, you’re out there!


Moreover, people deserve the right to broadcast themselves and their passions or endeavours to a wider audience without paying exorbitant prices like those charged by mainstream media.

The only way that paid YouTube views will cease to exist is if social media ceases to exist, and if social media ceases to exist then YouTube won’t exist either!

Why do people want to buy YouTube views?

So why buy YouTube views?

1. Perceived popularity

It’s a (sad) fact that in some industries, projecting an image of success is a large ingredient that makes up success itself.

Artists especially, can often find themselves caught in a “catch-22” situation; you need to be popular to get lots of views, but the only way to get popular is by getting lots of views!

It’s logical if you have made a good quality video of strong creative standing, then boosting the audience size and the view count of that video will inspire more people to watch it who normally wouldn’t click on it at all.


In a number of different industries, appearing more popular is one of the main things that makes you more popular.

Take an honest look at most TV stars … if you had the choice of never seeing them ever again you would probably switch them off!

It’s only because they are broadcast to you regularly that you keep watching them, grow to like them, and in time really come to know and appreciate them.

Certainly they need to be at least somewhat relevant and entertaining, but in reality they’re not necessarily the “best of the best”, they’re just the “most seen of the seen”.

You need to get in people’s faces so they can process what you’re trying to say.

Enough views and celebrity effects like the ‘mere exposure effect’ and the ‘recency principle’ will kick in – people generally like what they see most often.

2. Search engine optmisation

The algorithms (robot calculators) that Google and YouTube are controlled by, will promote a popular video high up in the search results based on the number of views, the number of different devices the video is viewed on from different locations around the world, and the average amount of time each viewer has continued watching the video.

Once the algorithms detect that a video is being viewed by lots of people, it categorises that video in line with the keywords in its Title, Description, Video Tags and even the Audio Script, and lists that video in comparison to other reasonably popular videos in the same category.


So, as you can see, if you don’t optimise your video with some strong/relevant keywords then the algorithms won’t be able to decide on what it is.

And if you make the video too long, too boring or too difficult to understand, then the viewers will close the video too early and the algorithms will decide that it’s not a video worth watching.

3. Set targets or KPIs

Your organisation, or you personally, may have a target for how many people your video should or must be exposed to.

Key Performance Indicators need to be met, and for good reason. If the production is not viewed by enough people then as a general rule it cannot succeed to do its job.

The fact is, in the vast ocean of YouTube videos, sometimes a video will get lost in the mix, unfairly denied the exposure to a wider audience because of a number of factors out of your control.

So many videos are entertaining, interesting, and do nothing wrong at all whatsoever, and they don’t get views.


Boosting a video with some paid seeding forces it in front of an audience, allows a target metric to be achieved, then the additional views that come naturally can be assessed – the video has its chance to shine.


Comment, curse, commend, communicate!

Share your reasons for buying YouTube views, or your reasons for not buying YouTube views, and what your thoughts are on it all, we welcome any and all respectful discussion …




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