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10,000+ Likes including some Vevo hearts

Hundreds of real, relevant comments and 1000+ subscribers

Campaign completion (both videos) in 10-30 days on average

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Viral Success Guaranteed

A million+ views means 10K+ real likes plus well over 100++ relevant comments from quality YouTube viewers watching your Vevo-on-YouTube video, not to mention 1,000+ subscribers!

Real people from YOUR music category commenting and sharing via our high-engagement social media networks.

NOTE: Similar to comments, the maximum number of subscribers over and above the minimum 1000 will depend on how well the content is enjoyed/shared.

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Ignore our many fake imitators trying to sell you a “million views” – go safe and real with V.V.i.

If you have any questions about our 1Million Views service please email us anytime at support@videoviews.international 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a guaranteed quick response.

NOTE: The number of views purchased will be generated for BOTH the Vevo-on-YouTube version, PLUS its original video on Vevo.com

Our Vevo-safe views are the only way to go.

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NOTE ALSO: You should NEVER buy standard YouTube views for a Vevo video.

The unique requirements for multi-platform videos like this means that ordinary YouTube views (especially the spammy auto views our competitors provide) are at risk of being removed from your Vevo videos.

The advantage of 1Million views

Research shows that almost all big online videos actually use some kind of paid seeding as they go viral.

The key advantage is what we call the’Snowball Effect’

Firstly, we all know lots of views makes a video more attractive – people click what looks to be popular.

But that’s not the whole story.

More importantly, if the views are quality high-retention views, and the video has enough likes and engagement, then the video dominates the search rankings over and above competing songs/clips.

How to send a YouTube video viral

This means more views… which makes the video more attractive … which means more views … which keeps the search ranking dominance …. which means more views.

Thus the snowball rolls.Mission accomplished!

Why wait and miss out on untapped audiences?

Our service is not only the most affordable safe option, it is also the most effective option available.

If you believe you have a potentially popular video, then do what TV, radio and newspapers do – invest in sending it properly viral – and safely.


Our Million Views Club – top-line customer service

This is one of our top-line products so you get premium, exclusive access to the full breadth of our services when you buy 1Million Vevo views.

You will have exclusive access to an Account Director 24 hours a day as your views are added and monitored by our most experienced front-line team to ensure your campaign runs smoothly and on schedule.

Timing & Campaign Management

Normally, we will fulfill your order in around a month, unless you have requested quicker completion.


Add notes at Checkout if you like

In the text box where you add the Vevo video link, feel free to let us know any additional requests or requirements you have and we can address those points with you prior to commencement.

Also feel free to email us at support@videoviews.international before placing your order, we are available 24 hours a day.

Trust Our Experience

Rest assured also that your personal assistant and Account Director will be in touch by email to ensure the campaign goes to plan.

S/he will also advise you of any adjustments or touch-ups that your video could benefit from to maximise your benefits from the increased exposure, before and during the campaign.


There is no rush or reason to get to a million views overnight!

Let us do our job in the time we take to do it – if it takes a month or six weeks to complete your million views, that will be because it is the best way for your video and Channel to succeed.


If you would like your million views to occur in a very short space of time, let us know in the text box at the Checkout or by email at support@videoviews.international and we can have that discussion.


Engage our premium, trusted services today

With secure payment, guaranteed satisfaction and disciplined customer service, we’re confident you’ll be as happy with the results as much as you will be impressed by our enthusiasm.

Get people’s attention now. See how viral it can really go once it holds a leading search ranking position in its category.

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Learn more by visiting our specialist Vevo Views division HERE.

Contact us any time by email at support@videoviews.international


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Buy safe YouTube views, Vevo views , buy Facebook video views and buy Instagram video views with our safe, effective engagement-driven viral promotion services.

As social media platforms continue monitoring the views of all videos, with our genuine high retention (long watch time) views including our quality viewer engagement - relevant comments from people interested in videos like yours - and our diverse country targeting capabilities, we continue to stand alone as the best way to boost online video content.

Trust our experience as the world's leading viral video agency.

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