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Our online and social media networks now offer quality views, engagement and followers on Vimeo.

Vimeo is certainly the stand-out social media platform in terms of dedicated viewers, quality audio-visual production, and appropriate engagement.


With nearly 500,000 websites using Vimeo, it’s safe to say it has proven itself as the go-to platform for people with like-minded interests.

However, the challenge with Vimeo is exposure – so many brilliant Vimeo videos sit waiting for action that never comes.

Sometimes you have to make things happen, and that’s certainly the case when you want to increase Vimeo views, which is why so many successful Vimeans buy Vimeo views.

Don’t just buy Vimeo views, enhance your content strategy!

Once you get followers on Vimeo it isn’t as hard to keep them as it is on YouTube.

…but first you need to get them!

We help you get suitable people onto your Vimeo Channel to watch and follow what you’re producing.

However, to do that on your own over the long-term (without relying solely on paid exposure) you need to imitate the YouTube and Facebook ‘recipe for success’ a little.


You can borrow from the others and still use your strengths!

You need to produce some videos that are short and optimised for search results, just like all the hardened pros do on YouTube and Facebook.

We know that Vimeo users don’t have Attention Deficit Disorder like YouTube and Facebook fans – Vimeo viewers appreciate longer videos, more detailed, graceful and creatively devoted production etc.

However, because of this most Vimeo Channel owners don’t trim their videos down when they should, and they don’t produce enough shortened ‘teaser’ clips.


Well they really should.

When it comes to attracting new followers to a Channel, less really is more!

To maximise follower on-boarding, make some one-minute versions of your longer videos and really focus the point of the video. You’ll capture new viewer attention and dominate in search results.

You also need to encourage your audience to engage with you, your videos, website, Instagram, Twitter etc.


Where’s that question at the end of your video or in the video Description for people to answer in the comments?

… and that question can also be asked on other social media platforms with the words “Click here to answer” next to the Vimeo link.

buy vimeo views

… and of course we recommend you boost your videos with our service so that more people to find the videos in search results, and for the visual image/appeal that compels them to “jump in” and watch/follow.

Even if people do find you, when they see a couple of followers and a couple hundred views they don’t feel inspired to click – and all the research shows that they just don’t.

On YouTube, a video with 10,000 views is over 6 times more likely to be clicked than a video with only 1,000.


On Vimeo it’s not that extreme, but our own independent research still shows around 3 times more people clicking a Vimeo video that has 10K+ views than one that only has a few hundred.

The old “sheep factor” is a sad fact of life, and it’s even true for the higher quality Vimeo viewers- they’re still human!

Buy Vimeo views

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Buy Vimeo views

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